A Skippers Tips for Keeping Your HVAC Running Efficiently

Summerville SC heating and airIt is extremely important that you are working with a local HVAC company to perform regular maintenance checks on your heating and cooling system, but there are things you can do in between checks to keep your system operating at a peak state. These little tips from Barrus Heating and Air, a Summerville SC heating and Air contractor, are designed to get the most out of your HVAC system and minimizing and work or repairs that may come up in your scheduled inspection.

Here are a few of the things you should be doing periodically to keep your system running efficiently all year long.

While you may have the local HVAC repair team out every six month or year, you can really do your entire HVAC system a great service by checking the air filter at least every three months. By getting eyes on that filter, you can either clean it or replace it so that it can continue to do its job effectively. The longer a dirty filter remains in the unit, the harder it becomes for the system to move treated air through the duct work. This is a $10 cost at most, so make sure you take the time to inspect your air filter quarterly.

Take a close look at the fan system outside the house at least once a month. It doesn’t take much for the fan to slow down or get stuck, and this could not only burn out the exterior motor, it can do severe damage to the HVAC system as a whole. Do a visual inspection of the exterior of the housing, remove any twigs, dirt, sand, grass, weeds, or debris, that could be clogging the venting system. Anything clogging the passageway of air means the system has to work harder. With the unit off, open the top casing and clear anything out that could slow down the movement of the fan blades.

Checks the vents inside the house for any blockages. Run the vacuum cleaner brush over each vent to remove any dirt or debris that may have accumulated. Be sure to give each a visual inspection to ensure no clogs in the duct work.

If you can access the ducts in the attic safely, look for any leaks of treated air. These are draining the system of resources, making the entire HVAC system to have to work harder to reach the ideal indoor temperature.

Now that you know how simple these HVAC maintenance tips are, mark a few on your calendar so all year long there are eyes on the system and nothing can fall in between the cracks.